else.HeartBreak  is a computer game wich I am currently crafting with my partner in chrime Erik and some other chums  named Tobias Sjögren, Johannes Gotlén and Oscar Rydelius. They are all very talented little lads taking care of their own different agendas on our project. Wich will probably take a few years to complete. If you feel like being abit bold about the whole chebang you might actually go as far as calling it a Magnum Opus. When it gets done and if it lives up to our delusions of grandeur, that is.
Anyways, my role in this thing is serving as a sort of CareTaker of Arts; envisioning the visual, as well as audio-visual, aspects of Miman.
But ofcourse we all dabble in each others doings. As it should be when working with talented individuals.

Here I will collect for you a selection of my artwork created for the game.



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