The Internet is a lazy-ass institution. Information needs to be at yer fingertips and allthough, for all intents and purposes, I am abit of a persona who generally believes that it is all going too fast I still want to be able to provide a service that is as free from frictions at my ablities can possibly muster. Plus I dont want all of the art to get lost in the maze that is inevitably growing on this blog as I post more and more. So just click the “thumbnails” and you shall be, without any tremendeous effort, transported to its post and all its information will be revealed to you (you know: techniques, formats, sizes, prices and whatnots).



3 Responses to “Art”

  1. WOW! Jag vet inte vem du är, eller hur jag kom över den här sidan, men du är helt otrolig!!! Riktigt riktigt tjusiga bilder!

  2. Fantastiska bilder, starka! Roligt att få se din konst, lycka till på Wow // jonna på red lion

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