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  1. Hey, I played KOMETEN and I absolutely loved it. I think one of the best parts of the game was the soundtrack, so I was wondering if I could download it. Please, it would mean the world to me, I absolutely love it.

  2. I am currently checking out the possibilities for releasing the soundtrack along with some other songs so its just a matter of time before that will happen.
    And hey man, thanks for digging Kometen. I am honored.

  3. Hey Niklas,
    I got to know your music through Kometen (I must say you and Erik did a great job there, the app has been on my iPad since I got it in march and I still love it) and To Stop You Must Die is under my top three albums by now (Thank you, iTunes!). I’m just totally amazed and I get kinda… abducted to some kind of parallel dimension everytime I have a listen… So I must of course ask you: Are you working on a second album? That would be awesome…

  4. I’m sorry – I read over the line in which you stated that you were currently working on a new record. My fault! And please don’t hurry! Take your time! These are fast times…

  5. Hey thanks for the kind words man. Somehow I am actually creating another world in my art. Or trying at least to convey the one that is inside me. Interpreting the emotions I get from it.
    So if you feel that you are being abducted to some kind of parallel dimension…. my ambitions are bearing fruit! Eventhough we probably see different things there. Or maybe the same, just in different nuances.
    Anyway, I am grateful that what I do gives you something and that you took the effort to write about it here!

    So yeah, the album is underway. Just touching up the last bits and pieces.
    Almost there…. No stress. These are fast times indeed.

  6. Hello, it’s me again. I just wanted to ask, is there a bigger version of the To Stop You Must Die cover painting? I really appreciate it and want to print it out, put it in a nice frame and hang it on the wall, but the PNG you get with iTunes is a bit too small for that…
    How is the new album going by the way?
    I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2012!

  7. Yeah I do have it laying around my chambers. But I am afraid you are going to have to make do with the version that is on here or just plain buy the Artwork. People can always do whatever they want with what I put up here (no copyright-shit or stuff like that) because I believe Pics on the internet should be free, and its flattering even, if someone wants to use my Art.
    I wont take special orders to scan or print anything for a specific situation though. If ya want some of my Artwork either buy or offer me a trade for something.
    Album almost done!
    Yeah, dito!

  8. Again I have to apologize for my impatience… I just found it on here via Google.
    And oh, I didn’t want to make it sound like I expected you to scan and print it out for me! I was just looking for a version bigger than 600×600 since it lacks a lot of detail. With 1600000 more pixels, the 1400×1400 cover is perfect.

  9. No worries! I sometimes get requests like that so I just laid down the get´s to be on the sure side you see. So if I came of as a little grumpy, dont take it personal.
    Glad you found something that worked for ya=)

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