I am not really sure what this is gonna amount into but amidst all the creative chaos I needed to do some relaxing painting. So I started to paint on paper abit. And thus decided for myself to not let any of these paintings take longer than one single sit-down. Plus I thought it would be pleasant to try and not have alot of emotional input on the motives to begin with. Just try to create a spontaneous atmosphere as I go, which is the total opposite to how I usually go about my business.

I call them windows. For now. Because I believe that is what they are; just glimpses through small windows into my subconsciousness. Art for me is not just aesthetics you see. Ofcourse aesthetics are big part of the art since that will always be what represents the surface. Henceforth, my subconscious will always be what represents all that other stuff. The things you might find if you delve upon it. It is not imperative that you do but that is how I like it to be.

KNIFE. Oil on paper 30×30 (cm).

READY. Oil on paper 30×30 (cm).


~ by grenig on December 10, 2012.

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