Hotline Miami

Is out. I did the poster/cover for it among other things. I am not going to dwell too much on this since Hotline is not my creation. It is not nurtured from my womb, I merely just interpreted what Cactus and Dennis was doing and thus….it is their voice that should be heard. You can listen by getting the game. Its on steam and other sorts of digital distribution channels (just google it, I know you are good at that sorta thing).

This is my mere addition to the postmodern (whatever the heck that means) top down fuck em up that is Hotline Miami.

Hotline Miami RingaDing. Digital. 


~ by grenig on October 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Hotline Miami”

  1. This is an amazing piece of work. Unless you guys plan on selling poster, I was wondering if you had any issue with me taking this to a printers to make my own of it

    • Thanks man. The guys at Dennaton are actually planning to do some kinda merch out of this. So if you want the real deal you could wait for that.
      But I don´t have a problem if ya wanna make your own.

  2. Could you sell a copy of the poster signed? My friend loves your work and I figured it would be a great gift.

    • Thanks! As of yet, though, I havent got any pipeline (or whatever the hell one might call it) for prints but Ive started to seriously look into it. Send me an email instead and I can keep you in the loop. Might take a few weeks though but if ya need it quick I think I could make a “one time” arrangement.

  3. Are any of the Hotline Miami posters on Amazon official? As in – are you or the devs getting a cut? It sucks if you’re not

  4. Nope. They’re all stolen. I wouldnt mind if I wasnt poor.

  5. Hi mr. Åkerblad, I really dig your style, would love to buy a print of this poster. Cheers.

  6. Upoznaj vruce dame zeljne avanture na

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