One Simple Truth.

Is not enough no.

Today I found out I got rejected for a scholarship from Konstnärsnämnden. I didnt really expect them to grant me one to begin with but as it turned out I got alot more disappointed then I thought I would to begin with, since yeah I had already expected it. Why is this I wonder? Well, to begin with it is not the first time this has happened when I try to get some kind of recognition from any of the Swedish Art Institutions. In fact, I have never received anything even remotely resembling positive feedback from these institutions.

First time me and Erik applied for free money from These Guys they were like “Yes we will totally give you Free Money!”.

It seems they liked what we do.

And I am basically doing the same thing with my paintings as I am doing with my graphics. Its just the tools that are different. I started to wonder why the balls have rolled this way and I think it has alot to do with the fact that the art world is so heavily burned by old algorithms and constitutions whereas the videogame world is a totally new thing that hasn’t really acquired any set of “rules” of how things should look and be done yet. So everyone is just, more or less, only excited over what people will come up with and thus their minds are more open and not corrupted by history, because there isnt much uva history to talk about.

And also; everybody in the art world seems to compete with each other as well as trying to infect the others work and success with petty hate and jealousy. Which sucks because it is just the tools and animations of a small mind. And artists are supposed to have great minds. Well, I am generalizing here of course and I am not really blaming the players as much as the game itself.

But more also; everybody in the videogame world just seems to be stoked about each others work and so far it seems to me that they only try to promote one and other while not trying to sprinkle fucking hate and shit.

This is why most of the interesting things that are happening in the art world are actually not taking place in the art world but in the videogame world (eventhough they are comprised of the same world).

I do have more matters and questions on the topic to think about and discuss but for now I just wanted to get this one out there.

Maybe I am a little bitter who knows. It si really no big deal when you think about it. People should just do what they do and not give a fuck about money.

Too bad though then that we live in a world which currently promotes material success above all else.

I am trying to promote love and emotion: currency of the soul. I am not trying to intelectualize too much about it since I believe that art is not something that needs to be interesting. It just needs to be something that speaks to you in whatever way and whatever form in such a manner that whatever is inside of your fleshy shell grows a little bit.

My taste drives me to believe though that this is not something you achieve by cutting characters out of black and white pictures. Obviously.

Oil on paper 30 * 30 (cm) 


~ by grenig on October 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “One Simple Truth.”

  1. I wonder the reason why you called this specific blog, “One Simple Truth.
    The Arts and Ordeals of Niklas Åkerblad”.

    In either case I actually loved the article!Regards-Cristine

  2. Well, “The Art and Ordeals…” is just the name of the blog I guess. And as for “One Simple Truth”….well, first out its the name of the painting and it depicts a woman being fed something by someone. It might be so that she is being fed this One Simple Truth in such a manner that she might not be able to even reflect upon the truth of it. We all get fed “truths” by governments, religions and other institutions of control.

    Thus, what I wrote was my truth at the moment and with the title and the piece I wanted to hint upon this contradiction of the concept of truth.


    Thanks, Cristine.

  3. Your talent is beyond this world. “One Simple Truth” is captivating; I can stare at it all day… Would you be interested in selling a copy to me? I live in Palm Beach County, FL.

    • Thanks. Im glad you dig it.

      Sorry to say but, the piece youre mentioning disappeared from me pretty early. I could make you something new in the same style if youd like?


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