Hotline Miami

So as it turns out my friends Dennis Wedin (who drives the nittitremo-band Fucking Werewolf Asso) and Jonatan Söderström (AKA Cactus) have been working pretty intensively on their latest addition to the progressive indie-scene.
It is a game called Hotline Miami and well, it a relatively, mildly put, intense experience as well as disturbing dwelvement into the mind of a deranged and violent individual.

The game is not quite ready yet but will hopefully be released sometime during August in the year 2012 (so its pretty soon).

They have released a trailer though and it features music by me (El Huervo)! Actually the game will feature some more music that I have made (and my person will also sport a rather handsome and excessive cameo) among some other awesome artists. The whole soundtrack is a beast of its own that deserves special attention I might add.

This here is the trailer:

I am very proud of what they have done with this game and it warms my heart that they put me and my music in there. A gesture that demands proper thanks.
How that will come about I am not quite sure of yet but I´ll think of something.


~ by grenig on July 6, 2012.

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