Every Process Has a Genesis That Ends With A Revelation

I recently got started on my epic (at least I strife for it to be epic) project “Love & Solitude” which is supposed to consist of around a dozen oils on the previously named theme. Some of you might wonder about what that really means. Love & Solitude. I am not quite sure myself yet to be honest. Its like, Im trying to figure it out as I go, but it is also obviously something that interests me as I(´ve) battled with the situation of maintaining Love and coping Solitude. They aren’t necessarily opposites but rather leaning more towards the concept of two sides on the same coin. But they are also strong contrasts that can create emotional landscapes (Im really starting to sound like an art critic nowadays…) of unsurpassed splendor, confusion and, well, madness in some cases I guess. Very much like a David Lynch movie.

It is probably a theme that has been used over and over throughout humanity’s dabbling in the cultural arts and philosophies. But then I would say that is for a good reason. A lot of people battle these things in their daily lives and has done so for a long time. A quote from the movie Hellboy goes something like this (Im sure I´ve used it before in this blog): “I´ve traveled to the far corners of time and the questions always revolve around the same thing: Happiness, and how to achieve it.”

Love is a part of happiness I believe. So is autonomy. And autonomy is something one achieves not only through ones companions but  also through the ability of maintaining a solitary situation. Standing up for your own thoughts, ideals and philosophies.

This first piece here is called Siren. Im not going to fully dwell on the concepts of feminism and womens roles throughout history (Nina Björk has some cool ideas on the subject) but since Love is a part these roles (I am heterosexual so I´ll shoot from that angle here) I wanted to do something quite on the subject.

Siren. Oil on Canvas. 80 x 60 (cm).

I thought I knew what a love songs sounds like
But I felt a sharper love in teh limelight

-Shing 2O

And here I will post for you the first edition to “Love & Solitude”. It is somewhat simple comparing to the other pieces I plan to do (you´ll find them in the section with the same name ). This is because I needed to try out some of the techniques I´ve figured out Im probably gonna need to master (or just get the hang of, mastering them will probably only mean that I´ll paint faster) in order to seal this deal. I like how it turned out. It is very close to the original indeed, even though some hues did not land quite flawlessly but hey, stuff is supposed to happen on the way.

As the world around changes on its own accord in a dreamlike haze, Araki is desperately trying to maintain a sense of reason through solid technical solutions.

Araki. Oil on Canvas. 124 x 93 (cm).

I was going to write a line from Harry Martinssons Aniara here but I´ve had a little bit o´wine and am to fragmented right now to find it.


~ by grenig on May 28, 2012.

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