Do Not Lay Waste To Homes Where You Must Rest Your Weary Bones

Heck, I woke up tonight and realised that I had not posted about my second album (which is in fact a double-album. Or double-EP. The oppinions differ abit) on the blog eventhough it has been out for, what, two weeks?
Anyways, it was slow-released April 17th (my birthday BTW) and a few days after it landed on iTunes as well. No spotify avaliable yet for those of you who prefer that. Dont know why they are so exeptionally slow in this matter. But that doesnt really matter much.

What matters much is where you CAN find it (them):



This seemingly lazy attitude from my part is purely accidental. I´ve just recently moved into a brand new ateljeux (I think I mentioned this in the last post, not completely sure, it was indeed written in abit uva daze) and well, such a mean feat comes with some more mean logistic doings that has to be done as well. Like getting internet. And buying new paint since I lost all of me olde ones while flying with Ryan Air (but thats another story all together). And yeah, being generally stoked about having a large space to paint. Ofcourse!

But here you go. Better late than never. And this is pure. Let me quote what I wrote on facebook:
“Anyway, these albums are not as sweet as the previous one. As I have stated before, the music is a slice of my life and I cannot rule over how it will come out. Life is a beast of its own. It cannot be tainted of domesticated.

It is darker, yes. But know that you will have heard the truth and nothing else. Taste is simply something completely different.”

And it is true. Alot just happened last year which threw me a little off guard into a small oblivionesque situation for the better part of the first six months. I just had to process that shit, man. Without darkness there is no light and so on and so forth. The records really speak for themselves alot better than I do so I suggest you give them a chance if any of all o´this (that being the ol´blog here) has given you anything of any interest in the last two years at all.

The title suggest that you should think hard before fucking with things you dont know if you have sense enough to fuck with. But you can never really be sure of that, can you? So then it is better to try and be nice thowards those you think you like and love. Even if you are not a 100% sure of it.
Otherwise it might go a little like this song from Part1 here:


Do not lay waste to homes
Where you must rest your weary bones
For then you might well rise again
And be greeted by the world
With great disdain 


~ by grenig on May 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “Do Not Lay Waste To Homes Where You Must Rest Your Weary Bones”

  1. Hej Niklas! Gillar vissa av dina bilder riktigt mycket, hittade “space alien” (om det var det riktiga namnet) via reddit när jag sökte efter lite wallpapers och bilden i fråga pryder nu min nya dator!
    Fortsätt måla, du är grym! 🙂

    • Tack för det Johannes!
      Ah, du kanske tänker på Kometen. Det är nog det enda jag kan komma på att jag gjort som har något med rymdingar att göra. Ja, och Zoneplex då såklart.

      Det kommer jag definitivt göra, detta är bara början!

  2. wh0cd224809 buy serpina

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