Carry On, Else Heart Break

I just felt that I should share some of what I´ve been working with lately. The game, that is. That I´ve been working on for some time now (Erik stated the bold fact on his blog a couple o´ days ago that we have apparently been in “production” (that word gives a sore taste in my mouth; its not a production, its…what we do. We do not just only and singularily produce The Game else { Heart.break() }, we kinda have to live, breath, eat and fecal it too. At least thats what I do (I think about it when I take a crap, yes. And yes, this is the second bracket inside the bracket, I am aware of that and if you think I was not its probably because you are a linguistical bessewisser and should consider doing something more productive with your time than dragging progressions in writing in the mud. My spelling and grammar, though, you are free to frown upon.).) and it becons on me; two years on one single piece is a long time. You really have to hang in there to not loose perspective and gain a dangerous sense of speed blindness in the process. I know, Michelangelo painted that chapel in 4 years but he also had a few youngins doing most of the tedious stuff for him. We got nothing but ourselves (4) and I must say that I am prowd of how much we have accomplished thus far. And scared of if, and how, we will knot the sack together in the end (its a swedish sayin that roughly translates into: wrap it up with grace).

So far. It looks pretty good. And soon I shall paint again. Until that time consider this one of my paintings. Its just been made in 3D and you cant smell, touch nor fell its presence without turning on the computer. Wich is the sole reason why I miss painting with my oils so much.

No time. But all the time left in the world.


~ by grenig on February 24, 2012.

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