Was, And is, And out of it…

Currently in Paris. Been here for…since September 2011. Various reasons why I am here. Love being one of ´em.
I´m telling ya, its been really good to me. New perspectives been commin into my mind and…

Aw fuck it. Who am I kiddin. I cant paint. No space to put everything up to hit the zone and its killing me. I feel it slipping a little bit actually. Or its getting better since I am keeping me alive by doing sketches in Photoshop. Or I´ve just been working like hell on getting my next album ready while building a massive amount of content for TheGameFormerlyKnownAsMiman (Miman always was a project name really since the name is too closely associated with Harry Martinssons epos Aniara. That, and all anglo saxons might think Miman means My Man and that would kinda make the whole seriousness we are trying to put in the game come off as…well, tacky. The Game is not tacky, I can tell you that much.).

So what will the name of the game be? We decided to call it else { Heart.break()} as a hommage to everything the game stands for. What that is I wont dabble into much further at the moment since its late and to be honest I´m not perfectly sure myself either. These things seem to work themselves out as we go about our bussiness. The emotions of a set goal  is totally there alright, but our process when crafting together (me, Erik and the other daring dear dudes) is a pretty delicate matter that has a life of its own. We like to stretch the rubber band, so to speak.

I´m really just writing this to show you guys WhoComeHereWhenAllElseFails that I havent forgotten you, nor have I forgotten the blog. Its just been a time out of sorts. A time out that will probably last for another one or two months more if my calculations dont fail me (if there is even a possibility to calculate such a thing). The album will soon be released also. I´ll surely blog about that. I am very proud of the album and it is a cauldron cooked up with lots of emotions of my past turbulent year. Those of you who listened last time and felt that Lovers was a key beacon of light in the requiem that was, and still is, ToStopYouMustDie and are longing for more of that sort might come out a wee dissapointed on the other end of the tunnel as my musical explorations have taken a new turn. It is not a turn that has been calculated by yours truly. It takes its own path. I just follow. Without a map or a compass I might add.

And when I start painting again I´ll post and bleed as ever before.

Here is a picture from else { Heart.break()} to keep it warm.

Dont get me wrong though. ´tis very interesting to build a world like this and I do love working on our game, but there is a time for everything and I´ve been away from my canvases for, what?, five months now. But I guess that is as it should be. As I´ve stated once before (way back. Trusty readers will know what I speak of): I had to forget, so that I could remember.

Paris is a town of towns. A city among cities not to quarrel with. Yesterday, just ´round the corner, I saw a lady (a lack of words is forcing me to label a woman wearing fancy clothes as “lady”) who squatted down on her knees, stroking the cheek of a bum and giving him a kiss in the cheek. Never have I seen such a thing in Gothenburg. You gotta hold on to that. We are in this boat together ladies and gentlemen. Wether you like it or not. Monetary assets and mucky smells are relativey small boundaries to conquer if you dream of a better world. You can recycle your god damn cans as much as you want. A true environmental hero spends a moment of compassion with a homeless person.

I will miss Paris. And I long for home.

Now he will leave his troubled world
And he will take off our timeless race
Leave us in a daze
For we are amazed
By the world´s displace.


~ by grenig on February 17, 2012.

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