Lost Promise

Okey for some of you out there this might seem a little low brow and even far-fetched I believe but even still; a lot of my ideas derive from simple pleasures, contradictive as it may seem.

Some time ago I watched the movie HellBoy 2: The Golden Army and the main conflict in that movie is derived from a mutual agreement that to attain peace between the world of magic and the world of men as well as preventing further future warfare since recent named army had more or less, in total cold blood as the army itself consisted of indestructible golden clad robots/golems, run the opposing forces over (the World of Men) with little effort and the sheer brutality of this feat brought some repentance into the heart of its creator and his employer (The Elven King, Rule of the World of Magic).

The Elven Prince finds this agreement a farse and an unfavourable outcome for the inhabitants of the World of Magic as he questions why his people has to crawl in the dark while Man flourishes in light, not treating her part of the truce with its proper grace, laying waste to Mother Nature. So he consequently sets out to destroy humanity for her treason. Claimig the world would be a better place without its presence.

Yeah. I mean, we do ravage the earth. Without some lack of respect for what it has given us during our insignificant time here. If such a bargain or truce had taken place in times of Olde I too could bring myself to feel that we might not always deserve our place upon the Earth. We did once live in junction with nature and its other inhabitants (animals and such) in a way that was more respectful than it is today.

Stories such as the ones found in HellBoy spures a thought in my mind. We are perhaps here at natures grace. There should have been a promise made long ago, a pact if you will, that “Ok. You men do what you gotta do with yer illusions of grandeur. Evolve and become the peak of our food chain. But please promise not to forget that we live here too.”

And I wonder. How long will we be able to keep our current path before we reach a dead end? What will we do then, when the forrests are on fire and our cities start to fall? Are we just gonna say “Hey uhm…we´re really sorry it turned out this way and all. Cant we just let bygones be bygones and let us have some of that meat and milk of yours?”

Treat what we have been given with more respect. I am not saying that a cabin in the woods for everyone and all is the right solution but rather that just as we people demand respect the same should go for everything around us too. Just because it cant speak does not mean it wants us to pour oil and asbestos up its ass and what not.

But perhaps I am just being a bit hippie about all this.

Oh, by the way this painting here is a commission for my Morfar (thats GrandDad to you) and he was awesome enough to, aside from the fee for the painting, give me a little extra on the side. Wich is very much appreciated not only because the gesture itself is nice enough but because I will really need it on my move to Paris. Props for that. He is a cool guy. And so is his wife (my GrandMother, eventhough she is not a guy).

Oil on Canvas. Measurements unknown since I forgot to take care of that before I let it go. SOLD!



~ by grenig on September 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lost Promise”

  1. Niklas. The painting is 40 by 50 cm and both grandma and I like it more and more every day. We wish all the best for your new adventure.
    Love Grandpa Mats.

  2. This picture does not do the real thing any justice. I have been sleeping in the same room as this picture while in Sweden and love it. The colors are so vibrant and there is movement in the girl and the horses. Also I have been mesmerized by your paintings in your mother’s lovely house. The more I look at them the more I love them. You have a great talent 🙂

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