Given To Fly.

Lately I`ve been thinking. Alot. Last year I was so sure of myself. I had all the right balls in the sack to bring forth the best in me. This year….I dont know. It all seemed to blunt out abit. Maybe I need a vacation or something. Then again this is exactly what I have been doing the last 4 weeks. Perhaps not vacationing as such but rather taking it easy. Keeping it reel to myself, if you prefer.
The game wich me and a bunch of dudes (starquality-dude: Erik Svedäng) have been working on the last six months IS truly comming along nicely but it has totally run me dry. I´ve been painting (not so much), making videogames (videogame, that is actually) and working on my next record (however that will turn out is still not written in the stars since it all over the place at the moment). I gues I am getting of olde. Or I´ve just worked hard for so many years now without REALLY (is it spelled really or realy? I can never seem to tell…) sippin on some cool-aid.
My guess is the later. I thought, for a long while, that art could never get weary. It was my saviour. In good times and bad. But then, as it so inevitably seems, I suddenly could not rest myself against its warm and fuzzy feeling. Cuz I was simply not satisfied with what came out of my hard working little lump o´brain. I have always had the feeling of total and utter fulfilling whilst creating stuff but as of late it seems I just got tired doing it (creating).

I break. Yeah. You gotta break. But what the fuck am I supposed to do when I am not creating? Huh!? Sit on my, soon to be, fat ass and just ponder and get overwhelmed  by all the thoughts in my head?
So it seemed.
I am a slow learner. These past six months I´ve learned that leasson. To take a break. Or at least a little bit as I am sure that I will still, one fine day, end up in a possition where all feels upsidedown (yes. I know that you are supposed to sepparate those words you linguistique charlatan besserwisser but to me it looks better this way, plus I gotta get rid of some youthfull moving against the stream)  but do not fret! It always takes a few turns to truly get the gears right. Right?

So what does all this ranting amount into? Well, I think that I wont take stuff so seriously for a while. Iwill just paint and create without a feeling of it all needing to mean so frickin much. So portraits are good. And comissions. I can just do what I do, somewhat based on another fellow beings swayings.

I made this piece for Johan. It is a portrait. Johan has a tattoo on his arm. It say: given to fly. I think that is awesome.

So I gotta tell ya.  My fingers are itching again. My arms and my head are given to fly. And fly I shall.
But sometimes you (as well as I, my friend) need to land and rest our weary bones.

Oil on Canvas. 60 * 80 (cm). Comission. SOLD!


~ by grenig on July 21, 2011.

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