A Beautiful Depth

Right now. I dont have many words. I´ve written this text so many times now and every single spell come to the conclusion that I dont really know what the fuck I´m trying to write.

I painted this as a commission (I dont know if that is the correct spelling but right now there is just not enough strength to crack up a dictionary and start looking) for a girl I know. She wanted some horses in it and I thought “heck, I cant paint horses”. Animals in general is something I dont like to put on a canvas because right now I am fully occupied with trying to figure out the human race. But as I painted. somewhere along the line it kind of got to me. In a good way. I think I understood why she wanted horses in her commission for I did a little research about her on Facebook. There where a lot of pictures on there with her and various horses. And they all seemed to calm her so much. It was really quite beautiful. So even if I am not fully accostumed with socializing with animals I could see that it brings alot of people comfort and harmony. As art does for me. And art is, for me, a truly deep and comforting exercise. There are, I am sure, powers of similar structure at work there. And it all comes from a certain depth that we all carry inside. Feelings of wonder and feelings of turmoil. They all derive from that depth.

Many people try to stray from that depth for fear of what chaos their emotions and feelings may cause. They need structure in their lives and for that I do not blame them, one must thread lightly into the darkness. But structure and chaos, just as light and darkness, are two sides of the same coin and therefore one cannot exist wihtout the other. In order to bring height one must also embrace depth.

Oil on panel 80 * 63 (cm). SOLD!

I dream of a beautiful depth

Here in this time

Where I shouldn´t have kept

A run for the dime

Yet I ran as I slept

But the dream wasn´t mine

It was layed waste by the rhyme

And you know I wouldn´t have wept

If it wasn´t

For the beautiful depth.


~ by grenig on February 28, 2011.

One Response to “A Beautiful Depth”

  1. Thats stunning!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and awesome photos with us. I cant wait to see whats next.

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