Keeping It Real.

Yeah don´t fret. I like hiphop alot. Not the usual MTV bullshit they try to feed you with  through thier insecure showoffs and pursuits thowards external confirmation. The things presented in this manner I take strong distance from.

That being said, I like the fact that such a movement has had the kind of impact on our everyday society that it actually has. It is the tradition of a people opressed, taking its form in a culture we gladly indulge in, that we fill our ears and lives with, almost forgetting that its voice is sprung from our own misdoings. It is one of the few musical artforms, that I feel has such a diversity, without loosing credebility. Plus its monotonous flow suits my workprogress very well as it is sprung from a state of almost meditationary assets.

My homecountry (that being Sweden) does practice this artform very well but there are but a mere small number exercising it to a level I feel truly does its herritage justice. Most of the things I hear only indulge in the everyday swedish life, I thing I wont fully cast away since I do believe we convey what we experience. Eventhough, none has come as close to a truth as The Latin Kings. A Swedish truth that gives a, from what I know, proper picture of the things here that can be synonymous to the origins of hiphop.

I just wanted to share this. No reasons really besides a need to tell. A share of thoughts. As I often do with my art.


~ by grenig on January 29, 2011.

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