To Stop You Must Die

Now its here.

Its out there for any ear who wishes to take part in my sonic universe. It has truly been a new experience for me and I want to thank all who helped realise this little rant of mine. So thank you Shelby Cinca, Oscar Rydelius and Philip Åkerblad. There are alot of other people who have affected me in this process and contributed to the outcome of the songs as they are all drawn from the feelings and experiences of my life the past 5 years. The record is kind of a closure and a foundation for the beginning of a new chapter. The music you can listen to in this album has truly helped me through all that has been and made me realise that the old cliché “that wich does not kill only makes you stronger” has more truth in it than its apparently shallow meaning holds at a first glance. I dont know if it will convey those feelings and emotions that has been put in there throughout the process of its making or strike the same chords as it does for me but that is of lesser importance. That is what art is about to some extent; putting creative energy to good use fueled by emotions and achieve a subjective truth that may help spur a new truth in the souls of others.

Thank you for listening.

The next one will be for you.



~ by grenig on January 17, 2011.

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