The More You Give The Less You Have To Carry

I´ve been busy. Yeah there has been alot of shit going down, as they say. First of all the internet has gotten abit old on me I think as I rarely spend time surfing it these days. This is because I have had so much to do plus there has been some serious cravings from my part to just sit down and….space out a little bit. Truly I love it when there are things cooking on the stove but it seems it has been time to take a brake.

But that is not gonna happen.

Me and Erik (Svedäng; that guy I work with between the turns) had a crazy idea that we would apply for some money from the Nordic Game Program to make our overambitious pretentions (a new game/experience/artpiece, that is) come to life and guess what? We totally got the money. So now I guess we are gonna dive into this thing and stay there for like a yaer or two. Two years probably being the most likely outcome.

This is what it looked like when we attended the ceremony in Copenhagen.

Rather smug, I know…

But dont worry! I will paint. I will always paint. That is the sole reason still going strong. The art fuels my heart and soul. I actually have two paintings ready as we speak (or whatever this kind of “conversation” is called) and will post them here as soon as I get them back from the cabin where they were birthed and nurtured by me for almost a month. I really feel that I broke new grounds with in of them in particular and I am (yes I am) quite (very, rather) psyched to show them off to all you persistent souls who visit me from time to time.

Oh and one more thing.

I made a record.

This guy Shelby I know has a label called SwedishColumbia and he was kind enough to release it for me on there wich is a big step for me since a rarely even let my close friends hear my music. Wich also makes it kinda scary but it is inevitably a natural next step for that part of my artistic vision, exploration and evolution. I will let you all know when the release date is due. It is gonna be avaliable on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon I think. I´m not gonna spoil to much more about it just now so I´ll leave you with the cover until next time we meet.

Until that time.

Watercolor and Ink on Paper.

To Stop You Must Die.


~ by grenig on December 15, 2010.

One Response to “The More You Give The Less You Have To Carry”

  1. Good work main, keep it up. Du Inspirerar mig och har ett riktigt fint skägg. två viktiga egenskaper hos en man!

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