Oil on canvas. 120 x 100 (cm) SOLD!

I give myself to those who lead a life of truth.

To those who does not change through the loss of youth.

To those who give.

So that others may live.

This is the latest piece (well not really the latest, I just finished another wich was a commission for my mother actually. She wanted a family-portrait and…well you will all be able to glance upon it later this week hopefully.) wich I will post for everyone´s viewing pleasure.

I painted this one out in the woods where my friend Tobias lives. It was an extremely relaxed environment to work in, although I figure I had a tantrum or two throughout the procedure (kinda comes with the territory), despite the fact that Tobias is a firm and harsh but although fair teacher. He really made me push myself to new limits in terms of technique and I am truly greatful for the new knowledge this experience has accumulated into. Sometimes I guess it is good to receive a bit of external input as well as friction from an objective force.

The subject in matter does portrait alot of the things that I have been trying to convey throughout the rest of my work. Those of you who have been following me may (or may not) have gotten a general idea of what kind of pretentions I have been aiming for. Thus, I will not indulge in words this time. I feel I shall let this one speak entirely by itself. Just to see if it is able to live up to the task.


~ by grenig on September 15, 2010.

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