Rule of Enslavement



Oil on canvas. 120 * 80 (cm). Not for Sale. Yet.


It will be known

That once clad in red

The end is nigh

And new light shall be shed

For the sin that was a lie

Was not all in their head

It will be forgiven by none

And you shall soon be dead.

I think that sometimes one is able to justify actions of questionable nature by viewing the consequences through a filter of dillusion. Especially if one knows that what was done or carried out may not have been on par with good moral etiquette or mutual respect of the next fellow. In time, if not proper penance according to the presumable actions is attended, a stiffness in character will grow from this notion. Whatever may be left is a lie and a mere shell of a former self.

Only a free individual may enjoy the prosperity and joy that comes from drawing energy out of the well that is self-confidence.

But self-confidence can be tricked or faked through even greater lies. One may soon be consumed by such a destructive way of life and then the only way to gain respect is by force. Force will lead to hate and eventually hate will lead to suffering.


~ by grenig on August 13, 2010.

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