Ah and Oh! The Kometen update is now out there!

So we finally did it (me & Erik)! The update for Kometen is finally finished and ready for purchase (or just download if you already have the game on yer iDevice). If you are one of those chums who have bought the iPad rescently (Dig this: Erik was one of the first people to buy it and got some, wierd enough, standing ovations from the staff at the store. What an accomplishment, huh. Yeah I guess it kinda is. I have always wanted to get some sort of praise for buying a big bad company product. But I am not jealous!) it is now avaliable for that platform too! And I gotta tell you, it plays like a charm. I dont know if it is the fact that I have been up close with the iPhone version for such a long time or not but I do like to play Kometen even more on a larger screen.

That is not all though! I will quote Erik´s blog on all the other shit we added (since I am, after all, a bit ova lazy bum):

  • iPad support through universal binary. You just have to see this in motion :) (yeah I already up-headed this one)
  • Different regions to explore with new and unique music, backgrounds and objects (I am very proud of the new music)
  • Improved controls (quicker and smoother maneuvering of your comet)
  • More food, debris and other fantastic things to see on your journey (including five objects from the drawing competition, more info below)
  • Killing your comet now requires confirmation (tap five times in the upper left corner on the comet stats screen)
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements (as always)

So be a nice lad or laddie and get it from the App Store right here!

Oh, and thanks for playing. And all the support. And the nice words. Now we shall be moving onwards to even greater adventures=)


~ by grenig on July 26, 2010.

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