And yet it Grows…

I am not sure about this. I read blogs on the internet from time til time and when some of ´em hasnt been updated for a while there usually pops up, sooner or later, some form of excuse for the long absence. I feel as though I want to appologize. Maybe it is some desperate atemt to make amends towards those that may, or may not, have been offended by this lack of flow. Or maybe Im just trying to get the hang of it and learn the ways of the blogger.

After giving it some thought though I guess Im just a sorry ass coward who is scared of the fact that people may not come back. Humans tend to loose interest pretty quickly, and i dont blame them with what the world has to offer at such an up-picking speed nowadays. Alas, I shall not appologize. Im am content to run this show as I see fit and if that dont ring well with some…. yeah I guess it is every persons freedom to do as he/she pleases. I know for now that I am trying to please my needs, not nescessarily by any means (dont want to come of as an ignorant bastard), but merely striving to gain some perfection in the art of staying true to yerself…

Out of all this ranting and pondering came a little seed to be planted in my mind. And this seed has started to sprout into one of the biggest paintings as of yet. Made by my hands, that is.

It is not done yet, and I cannot with certain accuracy forsee when it will be either. But I know it closing in on completion.

Trying to go bigger is hard. I am used to a smaller format and the task of balancing something of this magnitude has proven to be a great ordeal in that I usually dig myself down in a deep cove of details. When then having a larger set of boundaries to work with one might get abit… well to moral lacks more often than it usually does when you have spent hours rendering light on a necktie (or the equivalent) and realising you got six more to go.

But I am learning. To push yourself forward is to gain new wisdom and expertice in your chosen area of crafting. And whence it is done… I will have nothing left to fear. For a little while longer.

This here is just a little piece of the painting. I hope it will suffice for the time being.

Oh and I have also been working really hard on the update for me and Erik´s little game Kometen. The update shall be out any day now and I will, as usual, let you all know when that time has come.


~ by grenig on June 29, 2010.

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  1. You ROCK!

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