A Comet Has Been Born!

Yes ladies and gentlemen! I am very proup to be able to announce that the game Kometen, wich I and Erik Svedäng (Blue Berry Garden creator) have been working on for quite some time now, is finally out in the blue for you to get yer hands on.

I wont get too long-striped on you all about it and just as last time I will quote the words of Erik (since he as such a delicate way of narrowing information into the right short words, apart from yours truly who certainly has a nack for dragging things out):

Explore the universe and learn how to fly in a graceful way. A beautiful and memorable experience for everyone, out on iPhone and iPod touch now.

So just click the link bellow and the Internet will guide you to the store.

Enjoy=) And dont hesitate to tell any Iphone-carrying friend as well.

Buy Kometen

oyeah, here is also the link to the Kometen official homepage:

Kometen Official Homepage


~ by grenig on May 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Comet Has Been Born!”

  1. Nu är jag ingen iphone-man så jag kan inte testa skrället men videon och bilderna ser grymt fina ut 😀

  2. Would love to have the soundtrack for this game to be sold on iTunes. It’s incredably relaxing.

  3. Thank you so much Bonewolf=) I´ve been getting alot of feedback on the music from people stating that I really should sell it on iTunes. So I guess I must look into how to actually make it happen!


  4. My pleasure. Im at work right now with my Ipod running the game just listening to the music. Look forward to seeing the music for download.

  5. Well what a compliment. I remember doing that too when I was a kid with videogame music that I liked. So Im really flattered=)

  6. Chalk up another score on the music score–love everything about Kometen, but I most frequently sign on to floatskitter with the soundtrack–goes down a treat interpersed with Jaga Jazzist…kudos!

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