False Pretenses


Oil on Canvas 40,5 x 100 (cm) SOLD!



Meet me by the dark of the bay

Along the path where my innermost stray.

There we shall dwell

And draw wine from the decadence well.

But when I say

You can surely stay

For as long as you may

You slowly turn your head

And walk away.


So I went to Berlin last week. That was somethin else I´ll tell you dear reader (whoever it may be). Since living under the false asumption that Berlin, given its all too familiar history, the experience really switched my beliefs of what the city is all about. Sure, people have told “oh yeah you should definitely go to Berlin!” Its the place to be for every artist man! Everybody is sooo free spririted like you should really go and see for yourself!” (Sorry if I offended anybody with this figurative quote).

So I did. Went to Berlin that is. With a special person who has been there many times before and had plans of moving there but kinda ended up at my flat instead.

And boy it was free. I mean, here in Gothenburg when I traverse the crowded streets, lookin like I do, the mob seem to turn their heads and look at me like I dont follow the common rule of what the local citizens frame ought to be. And Im not all that wierd. Perhaps I want to be a bit misunderstood but thats just because Im still young and….well I guess I am misunderstood to some extent. Kinda comes with the territory.

But in Berlin I felt like I was just yer average common dude. The notion of misunderstanding still lingered though cause now I was the one with a perspetion of prejudice. This perseption grew even stronger since I found out that most of the population was doing drugs as if it was sundays bussiness. Like just because they had this so called smart freedom drugs just had to be something to accomodate thier minds with.

I dont know. Perhaps Im rambling. Guess I still havent collected my thoughts from the trip yet. Dont get me wrong, I fancied Berlin more than most other I have visited during my years so far. But I did get the felling that eventhough I preach ultimate freedom, the word freedom slightly change into the word ultimate respect. Any fool can make up a rule and any fool will blindly follow it. But any fool may also break it. It takes a wise man to treat a rule with its proper respect. And I am not sure that Berlin has the wisdom to exercise this kind of respect. Yet. Its a city that, just like a young child that has all too presently broken itself out from long-term abuse, needs to blindly taste all that has been kept from its hands.

Im sure that in time Berlin will grow up too. Or just become subdued to another abuser before it has a chance to.

Anyhow, I had just started this painting before going on this trip outside my homeland and didn´t really know how to close it up. It just wasn´t in my vision. The experience filled my head with some new thoughts though and upon arrival back home I knew what to do in order for its completion.

So here it is. Some False Pretenses from my side.



~ by grenig on May 11, 2010.

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