Nearly Finished

Yeah I know it has been a while since I last wrote something (if anybody out there gives a flyin´) but I´ve been busy drawing and painting som that I could make excuses on my blog for not writing frequently.
To tell the truth, I´ve been struggling with this painting. I mean REALLY struggling. Can´t quite figure why this one was so hard to finish off but hopefully it will eventually come to light. If I ponder it some more. Perhaps it is because I tried a somewhat more possitive approach this time since a small chat with a gallerist (dont exactly know what that proffession is called in english) rendered the notion that my work was perhaps a bit grim.
So I tried to follow his tip. Look where it got me. Depressed, stressed and with a painting I´m not sure I even like. So that proves once again the very basic fact that has been true to me for so many years but wich I time and time again choose to trial: fuck what other people say. At least if they lead you astray.
I wanted to be humble and honor this mans opinion. I didnt want to be the stubborn artist. But you gotta make yer own light entierly by yerself.
Ofcourse you can listen to other peoples opinions, as long as that dont go against what you feel deep within. Its kinda like walking down a path in the woods. Sooner or later it´ll go dark and the road will become hard for you to percieve. You still have some kind of notion of where you are headed but are not sure since you have to trust your instincts about the right direction. No relying on the road for now.
Then all of a sudden someone shouts at you across the trees “Hey man! What you doin out here in the woods at night all by yerself? Crazy fuck, come with me instead. I got a flashlight and all.” So you join him in hopes that he will provide som shelter and comfort (no gay puns intended if anybody is thinking anything filthy ATM). And yeah, you reach the end of the woods. Safe and sound. But you didnt guite end up where you intended when you entered the woods. So the product of following that guy through the woods cuz he had a frickin flashlight and you felt scared is that you are still lost and gotta go back into the woods, pick up where you strayed of, and complete yer journey.
The good thing is that perhaps you made a friend. Or an enemy.

I dont know. I tried to put some wisdome into your skulls. Perhaps some day I will. Anyways. This is the piece. I figure it stille needs some final touches so I´ll post it soon again with some real comments.


~ by grenig on March 4, 2010.

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  1. like this! ..real thing…

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