Last Wish

Watercolor and Ink on paper 42 x 29 (cm) 430USD.

This is something that came out of my thoughts about stress.
Everybody stresses. Some to an unhealthy excent.
We all seem to wish for more time. There never appears to be enough time for all the shit we gotta do.
But instead, why not be happy about the time we have been given and try to make the best of it? I know its pretty basic knowledge and a little cliché, but a lot of peeps out there seem to have lost that insight.

So, what about the vampire? He has been granted eternity. No need to stress at all. I mean you got until the end of the world to fizzle about.

As Death approaches the vampire after his rescent reform into an undead he asks him to state his last wish as a human. The vampire then replies “I wish I had less time”.


~ by grenig on February 10, 2010.

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