Thread lightly into the darkness

I know the title is a bit grim and somewhat theatrical. Guess thats the way I like it!

So this here is the blog of mine. I´ll present here for your pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, the thoughts and processes behind my art and the occational everyday ordeals I may stumble upon.

I´m not english or anything (infact I was born and raised in Sweden) but somewhere I have small hopes that this blog will reach outside the borders of my homeland. Hence, I will write in english. This may pose a few problems, spelling being the most current at the moment. But I hope you all can bear with me and that I´ll manage to make myself understandable never the less. But enough talk. I will leave you know in hopes that you shall come back to look at my ever so vain blog posts.

In the meantime, I´ll throw in a picture of me. So you´ll know what I look like (if that sorta thing makes you tick).

If you want to contact me you can either e-mail me at:

Or if you´d rather talk directly to me call me on my mobile: +46 704382599 (0704382599 if yer a Swede)

Until then!


~ by grenig on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thread lightly into the darkness”

  1. Hej Niklas,

    Att du var bra paa att teckna var ingen nyhet, men detta… wow!

    Allt gott foer framtiden//M.

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