Can You Tell In His Eyes

Oil on canvas 65 x 54 (cm) 300USD.

Its a bit tricky to explain. But I´ll try.

I had this thing going. Thoughts formed in my head. And I needed to get them out. Thoughts about this world we inhabit and the people in it. How we all seem to run around always living in the past or the future and not really paying any notice to the people around us. Not living in the moment. As Feist once stated: “So much past inside my present.”

So, how are we then supposed to really appreciate each other? We cant really know who we truly are since we never give ourselves time to figure it out.

Instead we create images of who we think we are. Like performing on a stage in some kind of wicked theater with masks covering our faces. Masks wich we can hide behind so that no one has to become aware of the insecurity, born from lack of selfawareness, that inhabit most of our souls.

But we can nought hide our eyes. For then we become blind. So the truth lies there. Somehow, if we look close enough, we can tell in our eyes. And maybe start to grow compassion for one another. Otherwise this might as well be a picture of yer local supermarket cashier. That´d be something to write home about.


~ by grenig on February 9, 2010.

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